The Tibetan Mastiff is an ancient breed

Most Expensive Dog Breeds In The World

Most Expensive Dog Breeds In The World

The Tibetan Mastiff is an ancient breed and type of domestic dog originating with nomadic cultures of Indian state of Himachal Pradesh , Uttarakhand , Tibet and Central Asia.

The guardian type with which the modern Tibetan Mastiff breed was known across the ancient world by many names. Bhote Kukur in Nepali as bhote means someone from Tibet and kukur means dog.

A Red Tibetan Mastiff puppy has become the world’s most expensive dog after being sold for almost $1.6 million. Tibetan Mastiffs thought to be one of the world’s oldest breeds, and legend has it that both Genghis Khan and Lord Buddha kept them.

Most Expensive Dog Breeds In The World

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however, they have become highly-prized status symbols for China’s new rich. The dogs are thought to be a pure chinese breed and they are rarely found outside Tibet, giving them an exclusivity that other breeds cannot match.

The Tibetan Mastiff is an ancient breed

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Dog Breeds In The World

Some breeders differentiate between two “types” of Tibetan Mastiff, the Do-khyi and the Tsang-khyi. The Tsang-khyi (which, to a Tibetan, means only “dog from Tsang”) is also referred to as the “monastery” type, described as generally taller, heavier, and more heavily boned, with more facial wrinkling and haw than the Do-khyi or “nomad” type. Both types are often produced in the same litter with the larger, heavier pups being more rare.

Males can reach heights up to 83 cm (33″). Dogs bred in the West weigh between 45–72 kg (100-160 pounds) although dogs in the upper range are often overweight.

The enormous dogs being produced in some Western and some Chinese kennels would have “cost” too much to keep fed to have been useful to nomads; and their questionable structure would have made them less useful as livestock or property guardians.

Red Tibetan Mastiff puppy

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The Tibetan Mastiff is considered a primitive breed. It typically retains the hardiness which would be required for it to survive in Tibet and the high-altitude Himalayan range, including the northern part of Nepal, and Bhutan.

Instinctive behaviors including canine pack behavior contributed to the survival of the breed in harsh environments. It is one of the few primitive dog breeds that retains a single estrus per year instead of two, even at much lower altitudes and in much more temperate climates than its native climate.

This characteristic is also found in wild canids such as the wolf. Since its estrus usually takes place during late fall, most Tibetan Mastiff puppies are born between December and January

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